Email Us DUDES!

Seth just brought it to my attention that I haven’t posted here in nearly two years, but I tell you what…

If you want to know what is going on with Guillemet and related things feel free to email us at and I will answer every question you throw at us. The idea of a band run website doesn’t quite fit what the band is all about and with that said (instead of deleting the blog…you may just read this.)

this also includes me sending you mp3′s of our music that may or may not be on our bandcamp…it never hurts to ask any questions, the worse that I could say is “no” or “i don’t feel very comfortable answering this question” or whatever. The point is that we want you to be connected, so email us and we would love to talk to you. If you have gmail we can instant message each other! that would be fucking sweet….

Thanks pals,



Show with Beer Hockey!

We’ve been added to the bill of Beer Hockey’s last show. We’re excited for this show because

a.) we’ve only played one show before this
b.) everybody gets to see Bryan Kingsley rock double duty
c.) we’ve only played one show before this
d.)it’s fucking 4/20 man!

Dylan is super duper busy with just about everything (how does he sleep?) So everybody asked Adam Salzberg (our engineer, spiritual guidance and friend) to fill in so Dylan doesn’t go apeshit in the wrong way. So…Dylan will probably be there. So say hi to him.

Options is playing a show tonight at the underground lounge (same place guillemet is playing on 4/20) so ya’ll should check it out. I heard bits and pieces of their set. GET PUMPED!




It’s been a while, not too much to report.

We played our first show on December 9th, 2011 at Treasure Town. It was really cool and a lot of people thought that it was really cool too. So almost everyone agreed. That is awesome.

Since then, we’ve been trying to book shows with little luck to our busy-as-fuck-scheduals. During all this so-called downtime (i just said we were busy as fuck ha!), we’ve been working on even newer material that even we haven’t heard yet.

We haven’t recorded our EP, but we’re definitely exploring our options on how and when we will be able to present anybody with a proper release.

While everyone is waiting for us to play shows and make records…

here is a song:

and here is a video of the first song, from our first show.

Lyrics / Explanations

I thought that I might post the lyrics from the Demo here along with some backstory, for whoever is interested. Sometimes, people want to know these things. If you are not one of those people, don’t click on the jump. Of course, you are welcome to and most likely will come up with your own interpretations of these songs and attach your own meanings, in fact, I would welcome that. You as an audience will always hear these songs differently than I meant them when I wrote them down anyways. And, to be honest, these lyrics were written several years ago and have probably taken on a new meaning for me as time has passed.

Read More…

We’re closer and closer…

So with one digital demo under our belt, we’re going to be entering Bryan, Seth and Adam Salsberg’s studio, Space Jam in early December to set some of our thoughts in motion. This will be the official first time all five of us have been in the same room together ever. EVER. For that weekend, we’ll be hopefully demoing out 7 songs. So this doesn’t mean the whole world gets to hear them. These are the pre-production pieces that will eventually become our first release. But what this does mean is that we’re closer to being show ready than ever. EVER.

Also, Seth has a solo project called Options and he just released an EP called Little Victories which is fantastic! He’s playing a show this wednesday

Here is a link to the show….

and here is a link to his EP,

I need to find a way to make my guitar get a tune up, and find a way to get Garcia’s equipment over to space jam. Oh, and my equipment. Fuck…
I’d post a photo of something cool like the Indian Head Test Card, but why? Or a video of something cool like a live video…but why? Because we have nothing to do with television, and we don’t have any live videos.


Guillemet has a demo…

If you haven’t heard us yet, check out our demo.

Thanks for your time and interest,