Lyrics / Explanations

I thought that I might post the lyrics from the Demo here along with some backstory, for whoever is interested. Sometimes, people want to know these things. If you are not one of those people, don’t click on the jump. Of course, you are welcome to and most likely will come up with your own interpretations of these songs and attach your own meanings, in fact, I would welcome that. You as an audience will always hear these songs differently than I meant them when I wrote them down anyways. And, to be honest, these lyrics were written several years ago and have probably taken on a new meaning for me as time has passed.

Marching Band of Rogers Park
in the sky overhead
it’s the same sun watching us
make the same mistakes
over and over
the world turns over
it’s the same blue sky
after everything we’ve been through
it’s the same blue sky
nothing new
above you

The title was something that Lucio came up with during the writing process, and it sort of stuck. The lyrics were inspired by my interaction with someone I had met on the train one day, and three books I had been reading concurrently – A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk, and Killing Yourself to Live by Chuck Klosterman.

You See (abridged)
i awoke to the sound of sirens this morning
within a sense of mourning
i found it to be disturbing
to find me falling in time with the rhythm of life
falling at times harder than others
sirens bring no wanting
sirens sing no be still
forever on their way to nothing
keep me at bay
until dawn has gone
This song is about waking up in the days following anything tragic or awful, it being your first thought upon awakening, being unable to clear it from your mind, the internal struggle between wanting to move on and needing to move on, and how terrifyingly easily we can return to normalcy. The title is a play on words of where I had been living at the time I was dealing with this.

Smooth Jazz (abridged)
you know that you’ll never know
you said
i’ll go where you’ll never go
and i’ll stay two steps ahead
and that’s the hardest thing to do
to stand right next to you
as you make the choice not to choose
you make the choice not to choose
i’ll make the choice to be of use
it’s none of your concern
it’s not mine to learn
until you let it show
i won’t let it go
The title was, once again, something that Lucio came up with during the writing process that stuck. It is hard for me to say exactly what this song is about. It’s about all sorts of things, mostly about making an effort to get through to somebody who is heavily medicated. If you would like to know what this is like, go talk to a brick wall for an hour and see how far you can get.


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