I play a 1977 Gibson Les Paul Artisan with Sperzals.
The Artisan is put through a THD Bivalve 30 (loaded with 1 6550, 1 JJ 6L6, a Mesa 12AU7 and 1 stock 12ax7) The noise suppressor light bulb is burned out, i don’t use it.
I use Dunlop Jazz III picks and have been currently playing Fender Stainless Steel strings (10’s) and my standard strings are typically DR TiteFit‘s
I use Monster cables, because I get free ones when they break.
I’m toying around with using a Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster that is on all the time, and/or a Chorus pedal or an entire separate amp that is clean all the time.
I play through whatever cab I have at the time. It’ll probably be owned by Bryan…



I own quite a bit of obscure equipment that I obviously do not use in this band. Everyone else may be using any or all of the following:
Mesa F50 Head loaded with (2) 6L6 and (4) 12AX7 housed in a custom Emperor live-in road case with 2U of rackspace that is probably not deep enough to house any actual equipment, if I even had any, which I don’t. Yet.
1969 Ampeg B25 Head loaded with (2) 7027A [which I may switch out for 6L6], (1) 7199, (2) 12AX7, and (1) 5AR4 rectifier tube. Sounds great for guitar or bass. Currently in the shop for reapairs : (
1969 Ampeg B25B 2×15 Cab loaded with (2) stock CTS speakers. Huge square magnets. This cab breaks up beautifully. I bought the head and the cab together from an accomplished Hammond B3 player.
1975 Marshall “Big M” 2412 4×12 Cab loaded with (4) Celestion Greenbacks. This cab was only produced in Long Island by Marshall’s American distributor (Korg), in an attempt to offer an economical alternative to the standard 4×12 shipped over from England. It was discontinued after about one year. As a result, this cab is extremely rare and collectible, but not particularly valuable. It is kind of cool because it is a straight cab with an angled baffle, to my knowledge Marshall has never made another cab with that design. The funny thing is, I bought this back in 2008 and didn’t figure out what it was until about 3 years later. When I bought it, it was on consignment at “Music Store” on Irving Park Rd. The owner said one of his cop buddies brought it in, and that it was a “70s Marshall with Greenbacks”. I wonder if they had any idea what this thing is.
Sovtek Vertical 2×12 Cab loaded with (2) stock, proprietary Eminence speakers. This thing is just plain cool. I need to find a MIG50 or 60 to go with it someday…

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